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    This was a very easy process. I am very happy with being a customer.

    - Vernon O.
    Mansfield, TX / December 2016

    Great experience throughout and excellent work performed.

    - Alexander M.
    Corona, CA / August 2016

    I'll surely be able to recommend a top-notch firm like yours, and of course, a top-notch insurance agent to go along with it.

    - Luis M.
    Elk Grove, CA / August 2016

    Thank you for making everything so easy, and their professional ethics.

    - Abel E.
    Manor, TX / August 2016

    I was surprised how smoothly the process went. We have never had a home claim before and did not know what to expect from our insurance. Everyone was very kind and thank you for all your help.

    - Steven L.
    Albuquerque, NM / July 2016

    [My adjuster] was attentive responsive and helpful. He made this process painless which was extremely important to me. It's my first house, first claim, & he explained and answered all questions...

    - Petra H.
    Houston, TX / July 2016

    The service was excellent and I already have recommended Western Mutual to coworkers. It was a very smooth process. Thanks.

    - James M.
    Oceanside, CA / July 2016

    I'm currently happy with Western Mutual Online services.

    - William D.
    Los Lunas, NM / July 2016

    We have never had a home claim before and did not know what to expect from our insurance. Everyone was very kind and thank you for all your help.

    - Steven L.
    Albuquerque, NM / July 2016

    I had WM for the past 11 years. Please keep up the great rates and service.

    - Srikant P.
    Diamond Bar, CA / June 2016

    Western/Residence Mutual is a fine insurance company and I have nothing but the highest regard for this company. [My Customer Service Rep] was very professional and handled my call perfectly. Thank you!

    - Art W.
    Corona, CA / June 2016

    Your staff is always very helpful, knowledgeable and most of all friendly. It is always a pleasure dealing with your office.

    - Beverly P.
    Fresno, CA / June 2016

    Appreciate great customer service!

    - Heather G.
    San Bernardino, CA / June 2016

    Very efficient, friendly and competent, too.

    - John N.
    Beaumont, CA / June 2016

    I always shop for better insurance as I am a smart consumer and worked in mortgage loans for many years. You all are still the best and that is why I stay.

    - Gary H.
    Fort Worth, TX / June 2016

    Thank you for the great customer service, David.

    - Linda F.
    Las Vegas, NV / June 2016

    The representative was a GREAT help. Thanks for having my back.

    - James J.
    Ridgecrest, CA / May 2016

    [My representative] was extremely helpful & the resulting correction to my policy was an excellent result. I consider Western Mutual to be an excellent carrier & your customer service is always fast & excellent.

    - James M.
    Oxnard, CA / May 2016

    Sam has been a great sales rep and very good person. Thanks for his help.

    - Ramin S.
    Lake Forest, CA / May 2016

    Service was prompt and representative was polite and helpful.

    - Carlos R.
    Wildomar, CA / May 2016

    Very happy with this company!

    - Gumensindo R.
    Desert Hot Springs, CA / May 2016

    Outstanding Support and Customer Service, Thanks!!

    - James G.
    Centennial, CO / May 2016

    Great rates and service!

    - Dennis D.
    Henderson, NV / May 2016

    I had an emergency flood last weekend. I called the line, not expecting to speak with a human but to my surprise I was immediately connected with a claims adjuster. He explained everything to me and even helped with getting a contractor and plumber out to help. Great service and wonderful experience so far.

    - Evan G.
    Fort Collins, CO / May 2016

    If someone asked me for a good, efficient and responsible home insurance company, I would highly recommend Residence Mutual for what I had just experienced. [My adjuster]... was knowledgeable, efficient and compassionate...

    - Dominic L.
    Orange, CA / April 2016

    We are saving over $1,000. We paid $2,800 last year. Our house note kept going up and up.

    - Gaywood S.
    Humble, TX / February 2016

    This day 2/19/2016, received rate information I requested for Homeowners Insurance promptly, and the total transaction I must say went beautifully... I will also point out that the rates are great, and could not believe the difference from what I'm paying!...

    - Frank G.
    Apple Valley, CA / February 2016

    Excellent service. I would not hesitate to recommend this company. Thank you for excellent service.

    - Diego K.
    San Diego, CA / January 2016

    After this experience with Western Mutual, I would strongly recommend them to everyone I speak to looking for a homeowners policy. I really feel [my adjusters] went above and beyond my expectations. Besides the positive outcome, [my adjuster] was friendly, helpful, courteous, and most of all encouraging and uplifting, throughout this very scary and fright-filled home-damaging experience! Thanks...

    - Patrick C.
    Longmont, CA / December 2015

    I highly recommend Residence Mutual, fair, prompt, met my expectations - they processed my claim w/ exceptional customer service!

    - Thomas S.
    Temecula, CA / November 2015

    I am happy to say that John at WMI helped me transfer 4 home insurance policies from Farmers Insurance. I was with Farmers Insurance since 2008... He was able to save me money on all our policies and did it in a very professional manner...

    - Rania E.
    Loma Linda, CA / November 2015

    Western Mutual saved me $1,000 compared to a comparable policy quoted to me. Thank you again for helping the common man keep more money in our pockets, for our families.

    - Sherman L.
    Houston, TX / September 2015

    I will be saving over $300 from my current policy.

    - Kevin B.
    Ventura, CA / August 2015

    [My adjuster] was very helpful in this procedure. He has helped us tremendously. Thank you...

    - Cuong T.
    Corona, CA / August 2015

    Thank you for the prompt and efficient service during this matter. My Adjuster was Exceptional!

    - Lori K.
    Mission Viejo, CA / August 2015

    Thanks so much for helping us with our Homeowners Insurance, you have saved us so much money, monthly in our mortgage payment, let alone yearly. Our last yearly policy was $756.27, our yearly policy with you is $463. Difference of $293.27... SERIOUSLY!!!

    - Diane Z.
    North Las Vegas, NV / July 2015

    [My adjuster]... was very helpful and professional in handling the claim process for me. He is also very friendly, personable and an overall "nice guy". He made the process easy during a trying time and is a definite asset to your company. [My adjuster] is a top notch insurance expert. I would highly recommend Western Mutual to anyone and am very glad I carry insurance with your company.

    - David S.
    Bakersfield, CA / July 2015

    This is the first house insurance claim that I have made; the staff was very helpful and the process was simple. Thank you for all your help.

    - Francisco C.
    San Antonio, CA / June 2015

    Everyone was very friendly and courteous . I would also like to recognize [my adjuster] at Western Mutual. She did an excellent job in taking care of our claim and got the ball rolling. All the repairs were completed in a timely manner. My wife and I are very pleased with all the repairs. Everything looks great! Everyone involved in the repair process deserves a "Five Star" rating ! Thank you for a "Job" well done!

    - John P.
    Corona, CA / June 2015

    I was very impressed with the professionalism of Western Mutual Insurance Group. They went above and beyond my expectations at a time when we needed them. Thank you!

    - David G.
    Cathedral City, CA / June 2015

    Thanks for the smooth claim process and restoration. You made our life much easier in this difficult time.

    - Shibing D.
    San Diego, CA / June 2015

    Thank you for saving me $240 a year.

    - Howard D.
    Hesperia, CA / May 2015

    After being a Costco Insurance customer for many years, we decided to check rate to make sure we had the best coverage for the money. Much to our surprise, Western Mutual beat Costco by $460 a year. The coverage was the same. Good bye Costco, Hello Western Mutual.

    - Ray G.
    Sun City, CA / May 2015

    Saving about $300 over my current HO policy!

    - Bryan P.
    Rancho Cordova, CA / May 2015

    Professionalism, job knowledge, courteous, friendly and respectful, are attributes to describe my claim adjuster... I thank her for an outstanding job well done. She is a valuable person to your company...

    - Robert F.
    N Las Vegas, CA / May 2015

    The process was very professional. Being a first time homeowner, everything was addressed in a prompt manner. Excellent service.

    - Trenton G.
    San Antonio, CA / May 2015

    I wish I could give this company and their contractors a 10 star rating! I am definitely a customer for life.

    - Crystal S.
    Apple Valley, CA / May 2015

    By insuring with Western Mutual, I saved $559. I look forward to our future together.

    - Toni S.
    Lake Elsinore, CA / April 2015

    My Claim Representative was very polite and courteous during all phone call conversations. He made the process very easy. Thanks!

    - Christopher B.
    Simi Valley, CA / April 2015

    I have saved about $200 each on my policies. The savings have helped quite a lot on my retirement budget.

    - Leonora C.
    Las Vegas, NV / March 2015

    [My adjuster] was extremely helpful and made the whole process go smoothly.

    - David R.
    Mission Viejo, CA / March 2015

    We are saving $384 annually by switching to Western Mutual Insurance.

    - Thomas F.
    Corona, CA / February 2015

    We are saving about $400 switching to Western Mutual.

    - Vicky Q.
    Sacramento, CA / February 2015

    I am saving $361 per year by switching to Western Mutual with the same coverage to replace my home. As a senior citizen on a fixed income, this is a tremendous savings. Thank you!

    - Josephine M.
    Las Cruces, NM / January 2015

    I give 5 stars for the process and handling of my claim; everything was fast and smooth; [my adjuster] was very helpful all around and handled my claim fairly and promptly.

    - Hossein A.
    Placentia, CA / January 2015

    [My adjuster] was very, very helpful, answered all my questions, was very polite and responsive to all my requests. He couldn't have done any more.

    - Robert L.
    Henderson, CA / January 2015

    First claim ever and it was a very smooth and quick process...

    - Zachary P.
    Oceanside, CA / January 2015

    We appreciate the fast and dedicated service.

    - Jeremy W.
    Murrieta, CA / January 2015

    [My adjuster] did a great job.

    - Robert A.
    Las Vegas, CA / December 2014

    [My adjuster] has been awesome, and very professional. One call gets things done. Questions asked get answered.

    - Yolanda B.
    Oakley, CA / November 2014

    Excellent customer service and prompt payment of the claim. Since this was my first claim, [my adjuster] was very helpful in walking me through the process.

    - Leonard L.
    El Cajon, CA / October 2014

    My claim officer was very professional and helpful. I received my payouts even quicker than I expected!

    - Miranda P.
    Georgetown, TX / October 2014

    Very impressed with the service by everyone. It was fast and no hassle what so ever. Very satisfied.

    - Theta Y.
    Murrieta, CA / October 2014

    I was impressed how when I called about our house, you guys were on it. They came out ASAP to look at the water damage.

    - Gina S.
    Antelope, CA / September 2014

    ... is an excellent adjuster, and Residence Mutual is a great insurance company. The Process was easy and [my adjuster's] recommendations made it easy to get the work done quickly.

    - Joyce P.
    Mather, CA / August 2014

    What could have been a dreaded experience was made very tolerable because of your policies and employees. Thanks!

    - Stephen D.
    Murrieta, CA / August 2014

    [My adjuster] was very helpful and made my claim easy and stress free. Thank you.

    - Vince T.
    Rowland Heights, CA / July 2014

    The whole claims process was efficient, effective and prompt. All my communications were with friendly and knowledgeable people.

    - Sally F.
    San Jacinto, CA / June 2014

    Want to say my experience was unbelievable. Everyone was friendly and compassionate. Thank you for the fast turnaround.

    - Douglas M.
    American Canyon, CA / June 2014

    I was impressed with the overall efficiency of the process and the urgency with which my claim was treated.

    - Michael F.
    N Las Vegas, CA / June 2014

    Thank you for your prompt response to my claim. I would recommend Western Mutual Insurance Group to anyone wanting to business with an honest and fair company.

    - Richard H.
    Hemet, CA / May 2014

    I think your service is very good.

    - Jean D.
    Riverside, CA / May 2014

    This is the first claim I have ever filed in 23 years of home ownership, I was nervous but "my adjuster" was easy to work with.

    - David P.
    Corona, CA / May 2014

    [My adjuster] was very helpful and responsive. Thank you for all your help during a stressful time. Your kind and calm demeanor made a bad situation a lot better.

    - William H.
    Lemon Grove, CA / May 2014

    Very fast and courteous, Thank you.

    - Adalberto C.
    Del Valle, TX / May 2014

    The claim was handled very well and I will gladly recommend Western Mutual Insurance to my friends and relatives.

    - Alex R.
    Temecula, CA / April 2014

    It was a pleasure to work with [my adjuster] for my case. She helped me with claim formalities and promptly processed the case. The settlement was fair.

    - Vaclav V.
    Sacramento, CA / April 2014

    [My adjuster] was very helpful and prompt about all the services covered thru Western Mutual. Very good coordinator. Containment and restoration employees very skilled and thorough.

    - Louis G.
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA / April 2014

    Was nice to have gotten this properly resolved without any problems, appreciate reliable coverage.

    - John S.
    Las Vegas, NV / March 2014

    Great service which exceeded my expectations. My claim was processed and in my mailbox four days after contacting Western Mutual. [My adjuster] was professional, courteous, and a true pleasure to speak with. Thank you!

    - Kevin M.
    Temecula, CA / March 2014